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We Can Be Messengers - Worship Songs - Christmas, Before, and After

For this season, see also Brian’s book [hotlink needed] Advent, Christmas and Epiphany:
Liturgies and Prayers for Public Worship
, (Westminster John Knox Press) 2008.
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Song List - 

Thanksgiving Song
For the Thanksgiving Season (USA)

For all the Food
A table grace – can be sung as a round

You will be a Blessing

We Will Wait
An intergenerational advent song

Three Songs compatible with the Revised Common Lectionary – or in any Advent Season
Sing three verses or add a verse a week and sing all five on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Year A: Someone Comes - The first three verses are printed on pp. 10-11 of the book. All five
are on p.12, plus scripture references.

Year B: Great Holy OneThe first three verses are printed on pp. 14-15 of the book. All five
are printed on p. 18. Scripture references are in the book, on p. 19.

Year C: Rejoice, give thanksThe first three verses are printed on pp. 20-21 of the book. All five are
printed on p. 19, plus scripture references. The snowplow reference is because the song was
written in the North-eastern U.S.A.

Christ Child
From your cradle and your cross, sing in us a new song!

We Can Be Messengers
An intergenerational song focusing on John the Baptist. See Matthew 3: 1-11, Mark 1: 4-11,
Luke 3: 15-22 and John 1: 29-34.

Small Town Bethlehem
Christmas updated in rural America. Names are of people we knew in one such town, who would
have done what the song says.

When a Baby in Your Arms
Every infant is a Christmas reminder

Listen to the Children
Christ calls us to listen and love, and sternly warns those who don’t. See Matthew18: 6.

Just like a Carpenter

An intergenerational Christmas songs in response to a child who asked Susan to talk in church about “fixin’, mendin’ and repairin’.”

A Song of Light
Christ sheds light on our way – at Epiphany, Christmas, and anytime.

Sing a Song of Joy
A Praise Round