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TWO: Tell the Good News! - Worship Songs - Easter, Before and After.

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Song List - 

Circle Song
Welcome all in the circle of love

Come and Praise the Living God
(joining thanks with giving)

Come and Receive
An invitation to worship

God’s glory fills Creation
A Song of Praise

Hallelujah! Living God!
Edgy Trinitarian Praise

Sing and Tell our Savior’s Story
A one-verse song of praise

This is a Simple Valentine
A songlet for Valentine’s day and anytime

How Can We Follow the Jesus Way?
All-Age Choruses for the Baptism of Jesus, Transfiguration, Ministry, Lent., Easter, Pentecost.
and Communion. The verses of can be sung singly or grouped in any number to form a song –
unaccompanied, with tambourine, or with guitar. This is a call/response song, suitable for all,
including non-readers.

Joy Will Follow After
A Palm Sunday intergenerational song

Jesus gave his life for us

Tell the Good news

An Easter intergenerational song

Here and Now!
An Easter round

A song for young disciples

Here’s a New Robe

Christ longs to clothe us with patience, compassion and love
See Colossians 3: 12-14

A Pentecost Gloria
Breath of Jesus, Power of God

Spirit Calling
A Pentecost chorus

Spirit, Spirit
A Pentecost prayer round

Entreat Me Not to Leave You
A song of commitment (Ruth 1: 16-17)

Give a Helping Hand
(Listen to a friend who is sad)
A song for young disciples

Give with Joy
Giving makes us glad.

Lend a Smile
Dare to be in community

Wait for the Day

An exhortation based on Isaiah 30:15

You are My Friends
An intergenerational celebration of Christian Community. See John 15: !5

Can We Believe

An affirmation of faith

Jesus Sowed the Seed of Love
A song of discipleship

God is One
Trinitarian Praise

There Never Was A Time
A thinking singer’s guide to Trinitarian faith