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Please feel free to download and use the sample prayers for guests.  If you register (FREE!) you'll get access to our Worship Songs, some free resources and - eventually - all Brian's hymns.  Our site is still under development, and adding things takes time!

As time allows, Brian writes  hymns on commission, for anniversaries, dedications, special ministries, commemorations, and to honor particular people. Enquiries to Brian Wren:
Golden Apple is a password-accessed service providing new and original prayers, liturgies, dramas and other worship materials, mostly by Brian Wren, posted monthly or more often. The annual subscription - [NOT MONTHLY - ANNUAL] is only $9.95 - no surcharges, "handling charges" or mysterious additional user fees.  Sign up and you'll get your first month's supply. Why Golden Apple? - Because apples are delicious fresh and store well - and if you like these virtual apples you'll be able to use them time and time again.

ONWARD! (Author's Collections)

Words By: Brian Wren / Music By: Various composers

Published in 2016, this is a collection of hymns and psalms written by Brian Wren between 2013 and 2015. Each hymn is shown in both poetic form and interlined with music by a variety of our renowned composers. 

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In God Rejoice is a new collection of hymns and metrical [i.e. versified] psalms by Brian Wren, published in the U.S. by Hope Publishing Company. It includes four Easter hymns, seven on church and mission, and four hymns of praise. The Psalm entries include well-known psalms of praise and prayer. 

The retail price is $9.95 and Hope Publishing Company offers a 20% discount on copies purchased by visitors to this website.

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Brian Wren and Susan Heafield ("Hayfield") are partners in marriage and ministry. The intention of this website is to provide a single location where you can find all the works and writings of Brian and Susan. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you. Enjoy!
This box contains a variety of items for use in worship – called “recipes” because they involve things that are acted out (=cooked!) as well as said. Each item took at least a week to research, write and edit. Each was then “field-tested” in a congregation and revised again to post on this web site. Once you download the item, you may make as many copies as you need, provided you say somewhere that it is copyright © 2012 by Brian A. Wren and used by permission.

Preparing each item and keeping it on the site take time and money. So we offer each “recipe” with two options: “FREE” or “DONATE.” If you are able to to, press "DONATE $4.95" to help cover the cost of development; otherwise, download it for free, with our blessing.

First Batch in the Box:
Partners In Marriage - A Wedding Service
Jonah Retold - A Communal Drama
Glimpses of Holiness - Scripture Readings w/many Names and images of God
In Such A World As This - An Ancient-Modern Psalm and Prayer